Boiler Systems: What Are The Different Types of Boiler Systems?

Boiler Systems: What Are The Different Types of Boiler Systems?

Do you need to replace your boiler? A lot of customers that I talk to confuse themselves by researching the different types of boiler systems that are available. I often get asked “how do boiler systems work?” and “which boiler system is best suited for my house?”

One of the problems with having access to so much information out there via the Internet is that, unless you know where to look, you often waste hours reading irrelevant material which is probably of no use. If you have a three bedroom semi detached house it’s unlikely that you’ll need a GRP water tank, multiple unvented cylinders and a Grundfos CME Booster pump to handle your heating and hot water needs.

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How Long Will it Take For My New Bathroom to be Fitted?

Looking to refurbish your bathroom? One of the most common questions I get is “how long will it take?”.

A perfectly reasonable question because you have to factor in how much time you need to take off of work and if it can be done whilst you’re away on holiday for example. Now I know this is an annoying answer but the truth is, it depends.

The general rule of thumb for a complete bathroom fit out is 10 days. Any shorter than the builders are probably cutting some corners somewhere along the line which is obviously a bad sign. Any longer than it’s likely that they’re taking their time so if you’re paying them on a day rate you’re probably getting charged more than you should be.

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